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The most effective bed bug heat treatment in Seattle

Heat: The Most Popular Treatment for Bed Bugs in Seattle, WA

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Seattle offers…

Seattle’s homeowners consider bed bugs a nuisance for a reason. Aside from being resilient, these tiny creatures can bite you, resulting in very itchy skin. Plus, they keep reappearing over and over again.

Almost all kinds of treatments for bed bugs are notoriously costly, inefficient, and long. These creatures have the capability to hide, which usually means that you’re going to pay hundreds of dollars for an exterminator. Aside from that, you may need to replace your clothes and linen, and pay for a hotel room.

Fortunately, Seattle Bed Bug Exterminator has the latest technology when it comes to eliminating bed bugs, which you can avail for an affordable price. Envision a way of eradicating these pests that is:

  • Non-toxic, yet effective
  • Can be done in one day
  • Free of chemicals that may linger where your children are playing
  • Capable of treating your entire house at once
  • Capable of rescuing your bedding and furnishings without risking the return of bed bugs

Using heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs may seem like magic, but its science.

How Does a Heat Treatment Work?

Heat treatments usually involve the addition of industrial heat (120 to 150 °F) to your property or home. The high temperature will kill the bed bugs, along with their eggs, but it won’t burn your belongings.

The traditional way of treating bed bugs is through the use of strong insecticides. After spraying a lot of chemicals, the exterminators will vacuum the area for days. This process needs a lot of manpower, making the extermination process expensive, and turning the whole operation into a logistical nightmare.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Seattle – The Process

Aside from that, bed bugs are small, quick, and good at hiding behind your closets and inside the walls, plus they lay their eggs underneath your furniture. After a few days, the few survivors will repopulate your bed and all the surrounding things.

When heat is used, it leaves no toxic foot mark. Plus, it spreads evenly around the entire area or property so the bed bugs will have no room to hide.

What Makes a Heat Treatment Special?

Our Seattle bed bug extermination company believe that heat is a state-of-the-art treatment available across Washington.

Here are the reasons why heat is the best and most effective treatment for bed bugs.

There’s no space for bed bugs to hide

Spray-based treatments can’t cover a whole room. Moreover, these gas-based chemicals can be strong, but they can’t reach everything, especially if you have a well-loved house that is filled with clothes, furniture, and prized possessions. Keep in mind that every cranny or nook that is not reached by conventional treatment is a place where bed bugs may hide. Heat can simultaneously target your entire house; thus, the bed bugs won’t be able to hide and repopulate after a few days.

It can kill bed bugs instead of letting them sleep

Like rabbits and bears, insects are capable of hibernating. In fact, bed bugs are capable of hiding and sleeping for days or even weeks. Because of this, bed bugs can re-infest your home. In some cases, they were never really gone! When you use chemicals to knock out bed bugs, they can wake-up after a few days. Traditionally, the main solution for this is to use stronger chemicals. But, how strong is the lethal dose?

It fixes resistance to pesticides

The bed bugs festering in your house probably came from someone’s belongings. This is because they are nomadic creatures. Before arriving at your home, there’s a big chance that these pests were “killed” using a chemical treatment, wherein they were able to survive and develop resistance.

A common problem developing among various pest species is pesticide resistance. Once the pests are able to survive an assassination attempt with Chemical X, you need to apply Chemical X along with Chemical Y to get rid of these pests. The problem is that the use of strong chemicals can harm our water and environment.

Unlike chemicals, heat is a physical process and is capable of killing bed bugs without giving them a chance to escape or develop resistance.

It doesn’t harm your belongings

A requirement when spraying pesticides or using gas-based chemicals is to leave your house empty for days. Thus, you need to find a place to stay for a week, and you have to discard all your furniture to prevent a new infestation. If you add all these together, the treatment cost will end up higher than the exterminator’s fee. When you use heat to treat bed bugs, you can go home and sleep on your own bed at the end of the day.

If bed bugs are making your life impossible, you can call the Seattle Bed Bug Exterminator, and we’ll give you a quote!

The Reasons We Use Heat Treatments for Seattle Bed Bug Removal

Heat treatment is the perfect chemical-free solution to exterminating bed bugs because they have a low tolerance for heat. Furthermore, the over-use of chemicals or pesticides may lead to some insects, developing resistance, making the pesticide less effective. With thermal heat treatment, the bed bugs won’t develop resistance.

Using heat treatment for bed bugs will destroy the bed bugs, including their larvae and eggs in under eight hours. Our specialized thermal machine uses precise technology; thus, we can get an exact temperature. Aside from that, our equipment has various safety features to make sure that our staff will not be harmed and your homes will not be damaged. Our heat treatment is safe for mattresses, as well as upholstery and furniture. It can pass through soft furnishing, killing the bed bugs in a manner that chemicals are incapable of doing.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Seattle – Why Heat Treatment is Better

Compared to other methods, heat treatment is more effective at tackling your bed bug infestation. Basically, this treatment has a 100% success rate on 95% of all the cases in Seattle, Washington. In the remaining 5%, there are remaining bed bugs that need further heat treatment to eradicate the bed bugs completely.

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