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Our Bed Bug Removal Eco-Plan for Seattle, WA Residents

Bed Bug Exterminator Eco-Plan Seattle

Our Eco-Plan is designed for people with chemical sensitivities or allergies. Following a thorough inspection, we can execute this treatment plan in one day, and you’ll see the results immediately. The treatments in our Eco-Plan may include the following:

  • High-Pressure Vacuuming: The high-pressure vacuuming is a process of removing bed bugs, along with its eggs, feces, and shed skins. It is a fast, effective, and chemical-free way of eradicating bed bugs in your property or home.
  • Heat Treatment: An effective way to eliminate bed bugs is the use of heat treatment. We use specialized machines that can produce a temperature up to 150 degrees. This way, the heat can enter the upholstery, furniture, and mattresses – killing all the bed bugs in your property, along with their eggs. The best part is that with the heat treatment no crannies or nooks will be left untreated as we can use this treatment for the entire room or house. In Seattle, heat treatment is the most popular option for removing bed bugs. Aside from being eco-friendly, our bed bug heat treatment has no chemicals. In fact, it’s more effective than chemicals because it can reach places that chemicals can’t. By choosing this treatment, bed bugs can be eliminated in one day. Thus, you can immediately return to your homes and enjoy your comfortable beds.
  • Freeze Treatment: Another effective option to remove bed bugs is the freeze treatment. In this method, we will freeze the bed bugs with the use of dry ice substances. The freeze treatment can be applied on numerous surfaces, including bed frames and mattresses. Like the heat treatment, the freeze treatment is an eco-friendly and chemical-free method of exterminating bed bugs. This makes it a safe and ideal solution for allergy-sufferers, as well as being safe to the environment. We may recommend freeze treatment or heat treatment, depending on several factors, like the level of bed bug infestation of your property or the type of furniture or fabric the bed bugs are occupying. Our Seattle bed bug exterminators will consider this to guarantee that your property or belongings will not be damaged during the treatment.
  • Diatomaceous Earth Dust: Our bed bug exterminators will apply diatomaceous earth dust on areas where bed bugs may hide, such as cracks in laminate, tile, or wooden flooring, as well as cracks on baseboards connecting the walls and floors. They insert the diatomaceous earth dust in any gaps found during the thorough bed bug inspection within the perimeter of your house. The diatomaceous earth dust can poison the bed bugs, but it will not harm humans. As such, it is a safe and efficient method used by our Seattle bed bug exterminator to treat any infestations.
  • Bed Bug Traps: We usually place traps that are specifically made for bed bugs in target areas to ensure that the bed bugs won’t come back. Typically, these traps are left on the floor surrounding the base of your bed. This will prevent the bed bugs from going to your bed or mattresses. Bed bug traps will not quickly eradicate severe infestations. Nonetheless, these traps are a valuable tool when fighting bed bugs in your property.
  • Encasing: This non-toxic process of bed bug eradication traps and kills any newly hatched eggs. A special encasement is usually placed on valuable items that you don’t want to lose, such as bedding, box springs, and mattresses.
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As a standard operating procedure in all our bed bug eradication services, our exterminator will return to your property within 14 days for a follow-up inspection. Your property will be treated again if they find any bed bugs. Afterward, you have our assurance that your property will not have any bed bugs for at least 3 months or 90 days, or we will return to your property to exterminate the bed bugs for free.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Treatments to Eradicate Bed Bugs

  • Emits no greenhouse of harmful gasses, environment-friendly
  • Safe for your children
  • Safe for your pets
  • No risk of bed bugs developing resistance to the treatment
  • It can be used on your kitchen, no risk of food contamination
  • It can be applied to electrical equipment
  • Kills all bed bugs, including their eggs
  • There is minimal disturbance because you can go home on the same day

To get the safest and most effective bed bug eradication service available, you can call us anywhere in the Seattle, Washington area.



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